Cents to Dollars

In an environment where the dollar is getting weaker against all the major currencies, first time coin collectors are being born thoughout the country to hedge their assets. As one expert told Coins Blog, supply issues are sending some prices out of the value range. To be clearer, moving assets out of deflated dollars to move into inflated coin pricing may turn out to be a real bad strategy for first time coin collectors.

Some coin collectors are touting the incredible upward price movement that we’ve seen in some coins such as the Buffalo nickel and the mint state Washington quarters. However, are we witnessing inflationary pricing in the coin market or are we witnessing the beginning of a multi-decade increase in the number of coin collectors in the world? If we are, then rare coins should continue to demonstrate above average returns as compared to paper currencies.

Experts caution and we at Coins Blog agree that before diving into the coin  market either as a collector or an active investor, you need to familiarize yourself with the market. Also, before purchasing a coin, have it appraised by a reputable dealer so you’re not taken with a fake.