Geocoin Collections: Themes

There are thousands of geocoins being minted in every country and hence it would be inappropriate to collect all those geocoins. Hence many collectors work on certain themes and collect those geocoins only. Some of the popular themes in which they collect coins and geocions are given below.geocoins

Country collections contain geocoins that are produced in a country, preferably the collector’s own country. On the contrary, some collectors collect at least one coin from all the countries.

Year collections are getting geocoins of similar type that was produced in different years. One common example of coin year collection is the collection of Memorial Lincoln Cent which was first minted in the year 1959 till 2008.

If the collection is based on certain mint marks that is significant, then they are called mint mark collections. Sometimes, the same type of coin minted in thousands of quantity show slight difference in certain properties making differences in their identity. Such differences are a result of use of different dies that are used. Such type of coin collection is called variety collection.

Type collections have variations in the design of the coin. The coin has two sides and hence various combination of design is printed in the geocoins. Composition collections are more interesting as the collectors focus on the metallurgical composition of the coins. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Steel are some of the various metals using which the geocoins are produced. Also many geocoins are produced from wood.

Subject collections are those that are sorted based on certain subjects such as birds, animals, nature, national leaders etc.

Period collections are based on time value and the year in which they were minted. Volume collections are made by collectors who want large volumes of same type of coin. These are the various types of coins that are collected.